Anonymous whispered: What are your thoughts on George and Mason as a romantic relationship?

i have no problem with them. i’m more of a daisy/mason fan but i can see why people like george/mason. :)

cwluc whispered: I FREAKING LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Dead Like Me 1.02 ‘Dead Girl Walking’
“I wasn’t done liking things. I wasn’t done not liking things. I wasn’t done.”

Anonymous whispered: Hi, I just wanted to say that I LOVE this blog! I also know you take gif requests and was wondering if you would please make one of Rube talking about Charlie Chaplin in the episode "Reaper Madness" when you get around to rewatching that one. thanks so much :)

thank you! 
and of course, will do :)

imawhore1998 whispered: omg active dlm blog i love you so glad i followed you please dont stop posting im q-ing off everything!!!!

i will certainly do my best!